Through The Years Part 1

In this episode, Mike and Lucy have a conversation with Mike’s mom and Lucy’s grandmother, Mary Vallely. Mike and his mom reminisce about growing up years apart in the same house in the same neighborhood on Ovington Avenue in Edison, New Jersey. They talk about how Mike’s dad, Art, was so well-loved at all of the different places he worked at and how the Kenny Roger’s song “Through The Years” has become the song that represents Art and Mary’s relationship. Mike confirms Vallely Family Folklore that Art and Mary met at Edison Institution: Tastee Sub Shop, how Art was one of the eatery’s very first employees, and how that meeting at Tastee’s led to their dating. How, after a break in their relationship, Art surprised Mary with a Sweet Sixteen Party and the big kiss that brought them back together. How after Art was drafted into the Army and stationed in Korea, he finagled his way home to elope with Mary. Other topics covered include the birth of Mike’s brother, Joe, at Fort Benning in Georgia, Art and Mary’s early days in Edison with three kids, and Mike’s struggles in school. How Mike and his Mom agreed that Mike would try to do better in school if he were allowed to get a skateboard and when Mike and his young family moved from California back to New Jersey to live with his parents in 1994, where Mike rededicated himself to his pro skate career. To be continued.

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